The head of the first-instance public prosecutors' office Eleni Raikou on Wednesday had a meeting with Health Minister Andreas Loverdos, who was accompanied by Deputy Health Minister Mihalis Timosidis and the government of the 1st Attica Health District.
The health ministry's leadership met with Raikou in order to discuss issues linked to a major investigation being carried out by three public prosecutors concerning allegations that many hospitals in the country were getting supplies at grossly inflated prices.

Loverdos said that he promised the prosecutors any assistance they need in their investigation. He also agreed to devote more staff to assist them in collecting evidence when Raikou pointed out that only two health inspectors had been made available to assist them so far.

Emerging from the meeting, the ministers said that it had been "symbolic but also completely practical in nature" and Loverdos stressed that the ministry's aim was to send a message to those who "did not appreciate the extent of the country's struggle or their own responsibility".