Popular Orthodox Rally (LAOS) leader George Karatzaferis said Wednesday that he is seriously considering withdrawing his party's MPs from parliament, in a move that could potentially force early general elections.
Speaking on private Antenna television station on Wednesday morning, Karatzaferis said he was seriously contemplating withdrawing his party from parliament, of "all of us resigning so as to set the process in motion". LAOS holds 15 seats in the 300-seat unicameral parliament.
Karatzaferis sought a meeting with President of the Republic Karolos Papoulias later on Wednesday, but the President is currently outside Athens and the LAOS leader was told a meeting would be set up upon the President's return to Athens.

The LAOS leader also had a brief discussion with parliament president Filippos Petsalnikos, but declined comment to reporters after the meeting, saying only he would seek an audience with the President.
In his television comments, Karatzaferis said that such an action on the party of his party aimed to function as a "slap to an unconscious system in which, unfortunately, government and main opposition party are hustling and bustling about various things at a time of crisis and when the enemy is not just 'ante portas' (at the gates) but already inside".

"They must realise that this cannot go on," he added.

Karatzaferis said that this June will be the toughest June in the last decades, charging that "some are pretending that they don't understand".

"Some still have the luxury of disagreement", and a disposition of "why should we all go inside and see if we can save the political system, if we can save society, if we still have room to save Greece", he said, adding that "because all these things are fluid and torment my mind daily, I am very seriously thinking of pulling LAOS out of parliament".

Such a move, he said, could potentially oblige the two mainstream parties (ruling PASOK and main opposition New Democracy) to come to terms, to acknowledge their mistakes", because PASOK and ND, who brought things to the point of "not only economic but also social depression",  must "put their shoulder to the wheel" to save the country.

Karatzaferis further spoke of inertia on the part of the government, charging that he sees "a prime minister who is at a loss" and a "main opposition party that is afraid of getting into the game in order to save the country", and also a "Left that is in its own world and is banking, perhaps, on chaos".
"This frightens me," the LAOS leader said.