Government vice-president Theodoros Pangalos on Wednesday announced that 75 public-sector agencies and organisations are to be abolished, merged or restructured in order to cut back on public spending.
Pangalos said that this "will lead to savings of 650 million euro, while 2.7 billion euro in subsidies each year will not be given, which will be added to the 2012 budget".
He said that there were 7,000 employees currently working at these organisations and that none of them would be fired but used in other positions after undergoing an assessment by the public-sector staff selection council ASEP.

Among the bodies to be merged or abolished the government included the state broadcasting organisation ERT, Themis Kataskevastiki, The Hellenic Public Real Estate Corporation, Hellenic Tourist Properties S.A., the Organisation for the Management of Public Materials, the School Buildings Organisation, the Public Company for the Erection of Hospital Units (DEPANOM), the Hellenic Organisation for Small and Medium Enterprises and Handicraft (EOMMEX), the National Youth Foundation, the National Agricultural Research Foundation (NAGREF) and others.