A letter signed by 16 ruling PASOK MPs was delivered to the prime minister's office in Parliament on Thursday by MP Tonia Antoniou. In this, the 16 MPs demanded that the government immediately convene party and Parliamentary bodies to conduct an assessment of the first year of the EU-IMF Memorandum, the Medium-Term Fiscal Strategy, additional measures and privatisations envisioned within 2011 and the process of tabling, discussing and voting these in Parliament.
Stressing the need for an assessment of what had been done so far, the MPs said it was an issue of both common sense and Democracy, while they spoke of "widespread concerns over the vote on the Medium-Term [Fiscal Strategy] using urgent procedures and as a single article".

They similarly raise concerns over the processes for the privatisation of state assets, noting that these decisions would determine the country's future for several decades to come.

"For all the above reasons we consider imperative that all institutional organs of Parliament and the party be convened, so that there might be a wide-ranging discussion on the issues," they wrote.

Commenting on the initiative, government spokesman George Petalotis on Thursday said that the "government in practice respected the Parliamentary group more than anyone".

"The cries of concern from MPs are oxygen and have been answered by all that the government is doing. They have been given an opportunity to express themselves via the Parliamentary Working Sectors, where they consult and decide," he added.

According to the spokesman, the letter did not equate to non-consent with the government.

Replying to the MPs concerns that the Medium-Term Fiscal Strategy should not be an act with a single article but a normal bill, the spokesman was categoric in stating that it would be voted on in the same manner as foreseen for the budget, as a framework of principles and directions.

The letter was signed by the MPs Tonia Antoniou, Vassilis Geranidis, Sofia Giannaka, Eva Kaili, Kostas Kartalis, Paris Koukoulopoulos, Panagiotis Kouroublis, Odysseas Konstantinopoulos, Dimitris Lintzeris, Athanasia Merenditi, Ektoras Nasiokas, Olga Rentari, Vassilis Togias, Thomas Robopoulos, Nikolas Salagianis and Mihalis Tzelepis.