Interest by the Chinese tobacco monopoly for both the commercial cooperation and equity participation in SEKAP - northern Greece’s tobacco industry cooperative - remains strong, SEKAP chairman Dimitris Pratsos said on Friday.
Speaking to ANA-MPA, Pratsos said Chinese officials showed interest in promoting SEKAP’s biofilter technology - established in 1997 -- in the Chinese market. The biofilter was the biggest commercial success of the company.
China National Tobacco Corp. is currently the largest tobacco product producer in the world, with more than 900 brands addressed to more than 350 million smokers.
SEKAP’s chairman said discussions between the two companies remained active and noted he expected more news on the commercial leg of discussions soon.

On June 8, SEKAP will activate an agreement to export 165 containers to five Middle East countries (Iraq, Jordan and Iran), while negotiations are under way to expand this agreement to include India.

SEKAP has a workforce of 280 employees and its monthly production totals 140 tons.