Opposition Communist Party of Greece (KKE) general secretary Aleka Papariga on Friday stressed that her party has no reason whatsoever to go to PASOK party gatherings "and disrupt them."
In an interview with a local radio station, Papariga stressed “we do not do that. We do not jeer people speaking in such gatherings,” clarifying that it is a totally different case when a government minister visits a work place where the workers have the right to protest, “of course, not by throwing stones”.

Commenting on the movement of the “indignados” at Syntagma Square, Papariga stressed that it is logical that a large part of the people feel the need to express their wrath, indignation and anger pointing out, however, that “indignation and wrath should take the shape of specific political positions...” 

KKE leader attends PAME labour group rally

Communist Party of Greece (KKE) Secretary General Aleka Papariga attended on Friday evening a rally of the PAME labour group in Omonia Square central Athens.
 "In the new barrage of loans and measures on the back of the people, we call working people to a big general strike for their voice to be heard all over Europe and for it to appear that the Greek people will not bow their heads."

PAME stages 'symbolic takevoer' of finance ministry

Members of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) affiliated trade union faction PAME staged a 'symbolic takeover' of the Finance Ministry in Athens' central Syntagma Square on Friday morning against heavy austerity measures.
The protestors blocked off the entrance to the building and put up banners, while a PAME announced called on the workers to "rise up and organise their struggle so that the government's new, barbarous anti-popular measures will not come to pass".
PAME is also staging a protest rally in downtown Omonia Square on Friday afternoon.