One arrest in kiosk owner's fatal shooting

A 24-year-old Albanian man was arrested and two more Albanians are wanted in the February 8 shooting death of a kiosk owner in the Ano Liossia district of Athens, police said on Monday, adding that the perpetrators belong to the same gang that opened fire on a team of eight DIAS motorbike policemen on March 2, killing two officers, in the Renti district near Piraeus.
Police said Monday that they have solved the case, and that a 24-year-old Albanian has been arrested, while two more Albanians are wanted.

The 45-year-old kiosk owner was gunned down in the early hours of February 8 in the Ano Liossia districtby robbers wielding a Kalashnikov rifle.

The officers were killed, and two others were seriously injured, while DIAS police were in pursuit of a suspicious vehicle after a hold-up of a kiosk in the Menidi district.

Police said the perpetrators had set up a criminal organisation for the purpose of carrying out thefts and hold-ups, and were supplied with stolen vehicles by a second criminal organisation headed by a 31-year-old Albanian, who is accused of supplying the stolen car to the four Albanians involved in the Renti shooting.

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