The Finance ministry has identified 30,000 Greek bank depositors abroad, it has began checking and already has the first receipts, from those who had concealed these deposits, said Deputy Finance Minister Dimitris Kouselas, in reply to a question  by ruling PASOK deputy Panayiotis Kouroumblis.
"We are aiming at having precise data of depositors abroad and a full picture, so that on the one hand we receive the taxes corresponding to them and on the other, for the sources of income. In the framework of the data we have in our hands from interstate agreements, we have identified 30,000 depositors abroad, we also have their tax record numbers, we have started checking them and we have the first receipts. There are tax services that are functioning pilotically, such as the Glydafa tax service and we have a good receipts average from those who had not even declared their deposits abroad," Kouselas said.