Communist Party of Greece (KKE) General Secretary Aleka Papariga on Monday paid a visit to the state-owned munitions plans PYRKAL for talks with the workforce there, stressing that Greece now needed more than just a movement but also something that could effect real change.
KKE's leader stressed that developments were now unfolding on a daily basis and, unless there was resistance and a reaction from workers, it would be too late.

While conceding that there were signs that people were rising up with the gatherings in cities throughout Greece, she also warned that there had been other moments in recent history when it seemed as though there might be fundamental change in Greece, such as when the junta fell in 1974 or when PASOK was voted into power in 1981.
She stressed that class struggle in the workplace was more effective at bringing this about than spontaneous demonstrations, no matter how large the participation in these might be.

"It is not that we underestimate [demonstrations in the squares], we also have central mobilisations, but in order for the struggle to take root and have results it must stand in each place of work, directly against the class enemy," Papariga added.