Greek Foreign  Minister Dimitris Droutsas represented Greece at the 10th meeting of EU-Asia foreign ministers (ASEM) in Budapest in the framework of the Hungarian EU presidency.
ASEM is an informal forum of dialogue in which 48 European and Asian countries as well as regional agencies are participating.

During the two-day meeting, participants are expected to focus on the handling of "non-traditional threats against security".

Speaking on behalf of the European Union, the Greek foreign minister focused on the issue of piracy and pointed to its tremendous consequences on Greece, which has one of the most important merchant fleets in the world, underlining at the same time the country's efforts in handling the problem.

On the sidelines of the forum, Droutsas met with his Mongolian and Filippino counterparts.

During his meeting with his Mongolian counterpart, Droutsas signed a cooperation memorandum aiminig at the reinforcement of bilateral economic, political contacts between the two countries.