An 18-year-old hacker wanted since Feb. 24, 2008 by international law enforcement agencies for cracking Interpol and US government websites and engaging in “digital vandalism”, was arrested by Attiki electronic crime squad officers, it was announced on Tuesday.
The teenage electronics genius cracked the Interpol website in Lyon, France, in Feb. 2008 and a year later he targeted the US government website destroying archives and other highly important files.

The French and American authorities notified the Greek electronic crime squad, which in turn was able to track the electronic traces of a Greek internet user who was just 16 years old at the time of the cyber attacks.

A police search in the house of the suspect conducted on Monday in the presence of a prosecutor revealed incriminating evidence proving that the 18-year-old is the owner of the server involved in the 2008 and 2009 cyber attacks in France and the United States. According to police, the cracker was impossible to trace due to special software he had created using BOTNETS, also known as “zombie army”.

The special committee against the financing of terrorism was also notified after the police search revealed a homemade explosive device, two knives, two air guns, a police ID card that was reported lost, a number of cartridges and a gas mask, among others. A total of 130 credit cards were also found, five of which were loaded with encoded information that did not belong to the suspect.