The main opposition New Democracy (ND) party on Tuesday lashed out at the government for considering what it called a “divisive referendum” and said the government was putting the "cart before the horse" by discussing preparations for holding a referendum before deciding what question should be put to the voters.
“A decision on the approach to be followed is made first and the question is decided afterwards. The carriage is put before the horse. They are not interested in the substance, they only care about impressions. This is just another trick,” ND spokesman Yiannis Mihelakis stressed.

“Such a referendum will be divisive and misleading. The dilemmas created by the government cause confusion. They hurt and do not benefit the country. On top of a wrong policy that hurts the economy they seek to put a referendum that divides the Greek people,” Mihelakis pointed out, expressing hopes that the referendum rumours will prove to be just another scenario.

Referring to what the prime minister said in the informal cabinet meeting a day earlier, he stressed that “they try to cultivate an atmosphere of fear in society”.

“This effort continues today. We cannot accept this rationale,” he stated and repeated that consensus is out of the question.

“We will not put our signature to a mistake. Our main goal is the renegotiation of the memorandum. The absence of a consensus is not what stops the government from doing its job,” he stressed.