Eurogroup President Jean-Claude Juncker and Commissioner Olli Rehn pointed, during their addresses on Monday at the European Parliament's Economic Affairs Committee in Strasbourg, to the absolute implementation of the commitments undertaken by the Greek government towards the EC/ECB/IMF troika, as well as the full adoption, by the main opoposition party of the policies of the programme that Greece has agreed to.
Commissioner Rehn stressed that if there is no progress in the promotion of structural changes in crucial sectors of the Greek economy, the June tranche will not be disbursed. Both the Commissioner and the Eurogroup president assured that an issue of Greece's exit from the euro was never raised, nor of the restructuring of the Greek debt with the curbing of the value of state bonds. Indeed, Juncker termed the privatisations in Greece necessary.

The two EU officials also stated that they consider political consensus in Greece, mainly on the part of the main opposition party, necessary for the programme for the recovery of the Greek economy to proceed smoothly.