European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, addressing Tuesday the European Parliament Plenum, stressed that painful measures must be taken in Greece to enable the country to exit from the debt crisis.
Replying to relevant questions by Eurodeputies, during the hour of questions to the European Commission, Barroso expressed solidarity to the Greek people, but claimed that it was up to the Greek political leaders to speak with sincerity to the people and say which sacrifices exactly are necessary for the country to exit from the crisis.
Some painful measures are essential in Greece, he clarified but appealed to the Greek leaders to show the citizens what exactly is necessary.

A country cannot live forever with such debt problems, he said, stressing that he realised from the contacts he has with Greece that this is something that they understand in both the government and the opposition.

Greece's problem, said the Commission president, is the high level of the debt. Greece has no intention of leaving the eurozone and the Greek opposition also supports this, he concluded.