Prime minister George Papandreou called for the re-establishment of democracy, in a second statement late Monday to a marathon informal Cabinet meeting.
He said it is necessary to "permanently cast off" the clientele relations, lack of transparency, dependences, extensive lawlessness, impunity and corruption.

Papandreou expressed satisfaction with the discussion that took place during the informal Cabinet meeting, noting that everyone agreed that the country's problem is not simply the "direct and vital problem of the debt", but rather the need for "deep-rooted reversals to a political and institutional system that has gone bankrupt".
The premier said that his government has set in motion the changes needed, but has not succeeded in progressing as far as it wanted, and attributed that delay to the pressing need to deal with "the risk of bankruptcy that we suddenly faced after the elections".

Further, the need for national understanding "remains a national need' to which "all the other (political) forces should have already responded", he continued.

The premier reiterates that he was "open" to all the political parties for discussion and to jointly iron out positions on the matter of the major changes and the medium-term program.

He invited the opposition parties to jointly, together with the government, negotiate with the Troika with the aim of maximizing the benefits for Greece and the Greek people.

Papandreou further reiterated that he will persist on the need for backing of the medium-term program by a "broad political and social majority", adding that the government was continuously renegotiating, without awaiting recommendations from anyone, and expressed certainty that PASOK and its parliamentary group will support the government's effort.