Authorities on the island of Santorini on Tuesday continued a search at sea for a missing 40-year-old freediving champion from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The search is centred around the area 'Apothikes Akrotiriou' near Thira.
According to the local coast guard, the 40-year-old had gone out in a boat with a U.S. national, a Dutch national and two Greeks in order to carry out free diving to a depth of 70 metres. At some point, the 40-year-old performed a record-breaking dive to a depth of 80 metres, during which the rest of the team lost visual contact with him, and has been missing ever since.

Officials from the UAE embassy in Greece are now in Thira to monitor the search.

According to fishermen in the area, the depth of the sea at the location where the group was free diving exceeds 100 metres.