A speleological photography exhibition is currently on display in an old WWII bomb shelter in the 40 Ekklisies district of Thessaloniki, featuring impressive photos of exploration expeditions carried out by the Thessaloniki Speleology Association "Proteus".
The bomb shelter, a large man-made cave which the local residents sought refuge in when the sirens rang during the war, had fallen into abandonment, but recently re-opened at the initiative of Proteus.
Visitors of the exhibition don helmets fitted with a lighting device to enter the cavity, which is lit only by small candles.

The cavity, located beneath Pavlou Mela square, was created with controlled explosions before the war and later served as a bomb shelter in WWII. It is a 22-metre long and 2.5 meter high corridor, with a steady temperature of 17 C and a relative humidity of 100 percent, Proteus general secretary George Sotiriadis told ANA-MPA.