An 18-year-old suspected of hacking into the websites of Interpol, the NSA, FBI, Greek Police and U.S. Pentagon at the age of just 15 was on Wednesday led before an Athens first-instance court prosecutor and charged with criminal offences that included possession of an explosive device, possession of weapons and forgery.
Described as a 'genius', 18-year-old Alexander was arrested at his home in Agios Dimitrios, based on an international arrest warrant issued in 2008. The charges against him are based on evidence uncovered by police while searching his home and indicate that he may be actively involved with militant anti-establishment groups or even a domestic terrorist organisation.

The main body of charges against him has not yet been sent to Greek courts, however, and concern his activities as a cracker under the alias 'nsplitter'. These include the 'cracking' of Interpol's website in February 2008 - when he was just 15 - that was the first hit that made 'nsplitter' known in cracking circles. There followed attacks on the webpage of the National Security Agency (NSA), FBI and Pentagon in February 2009.

Greek police have indicated that U.S. authorities are likely to seek his extradition while a team of FBI agents is due to arrive from Washington in order to meet him.

Police said the 18-year-old used his home in working-class Agios Dimitrios as his headquarters and that he was possibly also involved in credit-card fraud. Apart from managing a portfolio of 48 companies listed on the Athens Stock Exchange (ASE), authorities say that he may have made more than 500,000 euros by stealing the data of credit-card holders.

In a specially designed hiding place cut out of the pages of a book, police found the sum of 7,850 euro and 300 dollars, cheques from foreign banks made out to the sum of 20,000 euro and 130 credit cards that the young man used using different names each time.