The chair of the UK Parliament's Home Affairs Committee Keith Vaz and other MPs on the committee, as well as British Ambassador in Greece David Landsman, were briefed on the problems resulting from illegal migration in the Evros region of northern Greece on Wednesday.
The briefing was given by Evros Regional Authority deputy chief Georgia Nikolaou, during a meeting held in the northern Greek city of Alexandroupolis. Nikolaou stressed that the problems did not exclusively concern Evros and Greece but also the rest of Europe, stressing that an overall solution had to be found.

She noted that the problems for Evros were now acute and were a threat to public safety, health and people's daily lives, adding that the region could not shoulder the burden alone.

Thanking Nikolaou for the briefing, Vaz invited her to attend the working meetings that will take place in the UK in September on the issue of illegal migration with the participation of Parliamentary committee from countries of Europe and the countries that the majority of illegal migrants come from.