Commenting on statements made by U.S. President Barack Obama supporting Greece, Greek government spokesman George Petalotis on Wednesday said that such references had value but the main priority was to "remain focused on the targets we have set, taking brave decisions".
In this way Greece could reverse the country's lack of credibility abroad, he added.

He also noted that the government's goal was to ensure the maximum social justice and fair distribution of the burdens since the insecurity of Greek citizens would be overcome when the crisis was overcome.

The spokesman insisted, also, that the government remained open to the possibility of consensus with the other political parties on the measures and said that measures proposed by main opposition New Democracy would be included in the Medium-Term Fiscal Strategy.

He urged the opposition parties to tell people the truth, as the government was doing, and clarified that there were no plans at present for the prime minister to extend a new invitation to party leaders.

"Meetings of the political leaders are held when there is a reason. It is not a cabinet. It can be done individually or in a joint meeting chaired by the President of the republic," he added.