Prime Minister and ruling PASOK President George Papandreou, addressing his party's Political Council on Wednesday evening, stressed that the time has come "for us to proceed with greater boldness," terming the moments being experienced by the country as "historic".

Papandreou stressed the need for great changes to take place in the country which, as he said "will not be brought by any saviour, will not be brought by any magical recipe, will not be brought by the abolition of the Greek Parliament, that is, the dissolution of democracy."

He added that PASOK must be the catalyst of these changes, while also defending the political parties that are sustaining attacks, stressing that "the parties are an inseparable part of democracy."

The prime minister said that a precondition for the promotion of the big changes the country should be "able to exist, to satisfy its needs at home as well as its commitments to its creditors."

He also pointed to three issues which must be taken into consideration in the discussion. Firstly, "to stay on the fiscal targets of the decrease in the deficit", secondly "to take measures that will strengthen the common sentiment of justice", with protection of the weak and the distribution of burdens in a fair way and thirdly care to be taken so that "these decisions not to suspend the ray of light in our growth course."

Papandreou also said that the government will continue to do the self-evident in order "to deal a blow at those who have been perjuring unpunished and to bring to light whatever arbitrary act exists in the political system and not only."
He also insisted on the policy of national understanding, stressing that "it is not only words for us, we mean it", adding that "we are expecfting from all the political forces to rise to the occasion and to place the national interest above that of the party."

Telephone conversation between Greek FinMin and US treasury secretary

Greek Finance Minister George Papaconstantinou had a telephone conversation with US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner last Monday, during the informal cabinet meeting.
According to reports, Papaconstantinou explained to Geithner how the balances are in Europe regarding the Greek economic issue. During their discussion, that took place before US President Barak Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel meeting in Washington, and on the question by Geithner if something can be done on the part of the US, Papaconstantinou noted that a similar initiative by the President of the US could help as in the past.