Two high-ranking Greek Police (EL.AS) officers were arrested on charges of running a major protection racket in coastal southern Athens, it was announced on Thursday. An internal affairs bureau investigated the case for one year, acting on a tip-off.
The suspects are a police commander, currently serving in the EL.AS headquarters, who was also former police precinct commander in southern Athens, and the commander of a police station in the same district. In the past, the former had served on the personal detail of a leading politician but was removed from the post in 2003.
The police commander's wife was also arrested, accused of collecting extortion money from the nightclub owners when her husband was unavailable.

Charges have also been filed against a police officer involved in the case.

According to the voluminous case file, 12 club owners are accused of bribery because they paid the accused for protection, thereby avoiding police raids.