Twenty Greek-American honor students aged 18-26 will visit Greece in the context of the Washington-based National Hellenic Society's (NHS) 'Heritage Greek Program".
The program is organised in collaboration with the American College of Greece (Deree College), Europe's largest and oldest American university, and aims to enable the youth to acquire representative knowledge of the Greek language, history and civilisation.

 The trip is a gift from NHS to the participants, who will be teamed up with a peer group of Greek students in Athens.

The Heritage Greece participants will spend two weeks together experiencing Greece, finding out more about their Greek identity and completing a 3 credit specially tailored course that is educational, meaningful and fun, according to the NHS. The participants, who will be in Greece until June 24, will travel to many areas in the Greek countryside and islands, as well as traditional villages on the mainland. They will also spend a week with Greek families in order to become acquainted with everyday life in Greece, and also attend Greek cooking and traditional dance lessons.

Other activities include a guided tour of the Greek parliament.