An 18-year-old suspected hacker, who has reportedly impressed international law enforcement authorities with his abilities, was released from custody with restrictions on Thursday, after providing a same-day statement before an examining magistrate.
The teen, charged with "cracking" highly secure websites in Europe and North America from the age of 15, faces various felony counts, including possession of an explosive device, weapons possession and forgery, based on evidence found by police after searching his residence in Aghios Dimitrios district of south-central Athens where he was arrested.

In his statement before the examining magistrate, the teen denied all charges and maintained that the 135 blank credit cards found in his possession were magnetic cards he possessed because he represents -- via the internet -- the companies that sell them. As regards the gun found in his residence, he presented a purchase receipt and maintained that he is practicing target shooting. Asked about the makeshift explosive device, he reportedly said he built it for use during the Easter celebrations. 

The 18-year-old has denied any relation to hacking or "cracking". No such charges have been filed against him.