The management of Greece's largest social insurance fund IKA-ETAM on Thursday said an investigation was underway into a scam that, based on evidence collected thus far, has cost IKA more than one million euro in fraudulent transport costs for kidney dialysis patients. The fund said the investigation was still continuing and the exact sums involved had not yet been fully determined.
The scam, carried out with the assistance of corrupt IKA employees, was uncovered by examining data collected by the IKA computer system, as well as regular and targeted checks. The data showed that transport costs for kidney-dialysis patients in the specific Livadia branch of IKA had risen sharply in recent years. A closer examination of spending receipts revealed fake documents and false certificates concerning the type of treatment given and the addresses of those involved, as well as inflated transport costs.
Specifically, the patients involved gave a fake Livadia address when they actually lived in Athens, allowing the transport company to charge IKA-ETAM for the costs of a trip between the two cities. This resulted in the fund paying sums of up to 5,500 euro a month, whereas the compensation actually due was actually in the region of 100-150 euro a month.
The management of IKA-ETAM has filed a complaint so that those involved can be prosecuted by the courts, while they have also initiated disciplinary proceedings against the corrupt employees who face dismissal. To this end, they have obtained a temporary order from the Livadia first-instance court that freezes all assets belonging to the 10 individuals under investigation (employees, drivers and kidney dialysis patients) up to the sum of 2.5 million euro, as well as their bank accounts.