Foreign Minister Dimitris Droutsas addressed the meeting of the Contact Group on Libya held in Abu Dhabi on Thursday, in the presence of more than 20 foreign ministers and repre-sentatives of international organizations.
Droutsas outlined the Greek positions and underlined Greece’s contribution in terms of humanitarian assistance. He also reminded its role in the evacuation of foreign nationals from Libya via Crete and referred to the humanitarian assistance sent recently to Benghazi on board a Greek vessel as well as to the presence of a mobile medical unit in the area.  
He also pointed out that foreign ministry officials are in Benghazi and in contact with the Libyan National Transitional Council to record the humanitarian needs and shortages that will have to be met when the reconstruction phase will be underway in the country. “We should be ready for the day after,” he stressed.
Droutsas underlined that seeking a political solution to the crisis should be a priority while maintaining intense military pressure on the regime in Tripoli and praised the role of the UN Secretary-General special envoy to Libya who has undertaken to coordinate the diplomatic efforts made toward this direction.
On the sidelines of the meeting of the Contact Group on Libya, Droutsas had bilateral contacts with his counterparts and a Libyan National Transitional Council representative with whom he discussed the prospects for mutual visits and the next steps in bilateral relations.