Statements made by Qatar's prime minister Sheikh Hamad al-Thani indicate that Qatar is still considering investment in Greece, government sources said here on Thursday.
The same sources linked the statements made by Qatar's prime minister with a presentation by Spanish architect Josep Acebillo in Athens on Wednesday of a plan for developing the site of the former airport at Elliniko, in which Qatar had expressed an interest.
The government intends to base its final plan for exploiting the property on the proposals made by Acebillo and other proposals for the former airport, after which there will be an international tender where potential investors can submit non-biding offers.
According to the sources, the government plan will set out a fixed framework concerning ways in which the expanse of the former airport can be exploited or developed but this will also allow potential investors a certain amount of freedom.
In statements during a joint press conference with Luxembourg Prime Minister and Eurogroup chair Jean-Claude Juncker on Thursday, reported by Dow-Jones Newswires, Al-Thani said that Qatar remains committed to the investment plan announced for Greece last year, which could total as much as 5 billion dollars.
"We will fulfill the agreement we did between us and Greece," he said, adding that a joint committee with officials from both countries is studying legal details on investments.
The agreement signed by Greece and Qatar in the autumn of 2010 provides for investments of up to 5 billion dollars in real estate, tourism, transport and other sectors.