Main opposition New Democracy on Thursday said the party was satisfied with the results of a trip by ND leader Antonis Samaras to Paris and Brussels, in spite of the pressures put on him to lend support to the Medium-Term Fiscal Strategy that will be announced by the government.
An aide to the main opposition leader noted that Samaras had been able to present ND's positions and had stuck to them, showing that he does not back down under pressure.
The same source claimed that the climate during the meetings with European officials had been very good, both with French Prime Minister Francois Fillon and the meetings he had in Brussels with European Commissioner Jose Manuel Barroso and European Council President Herman Van Rompuy, in spite of the statements issued by them afterward urging consensus.
"The two-day period had a double result: we contributed to the national effort for a faster exit for the country from the crisis and at the same time our views were heard attentively by the EU's leadership," the party said.
They noted that Samaras was able to present ND's positions and give reasons for his insistent refusal to back the Memorandum, underlining that the policy currently being employed was simply not working.