llegal migration squad police in Alexandroupolis have dismantled a ring involved in the trafficking of migrants from Turkey to Greece, Greek authorities announced on Friday. Two alleged migrant traffickers and 14 illegal migrants were arrested while traversing the Evros River delta in a boat, among them two children. The arrest was made when the boat came ashore on Greek territory.
Each of the migrants claimed to have paid 3,000 euro for their passage to the ring, which operated in both Turkey and Greece.
Police also arrested another three illegal immigrants in the northern Greek city of Alexandroupolis, who attempted to display fake documents showing that they were asylum applicants. They later admitted that they had crossed illegally into the country via the Evros River and had bought the fake documents from a Turkish trafficker for the sum of 3,000 euro each.
All those arrested are to go before an Alexandropoulis public prosecutor.