Greek authorities on Friday revealed that a top-secret raid on a house in the Attica region of Kalyvia by a team of financial crimes squad (SDOE) officers accompanied by a public prosecutor may possibly yield additional, valuable information concerning an ongoing case of alleged corruption in a controversial arms contract for the purchase of submarines by the Greek Navy. Acting on a tip-off from an unidentified informant, SDOE officers carried out the raid a few days earlier after receiving information that it important electronic files with valuable evidence concerning the case were hidden there.
The case is currently being investigated by judicial authorities for non-political individuals involved in organising the contract but also in Parliament, to investigate the role played by former defence minister Akis Tsohatzopoulos in having the contract approved.
A number of hard disks were confiscated during the raid and are currently being examined to determine whether they do contain the information alleged.
Sources said the house had been leased by a foreign national, who had been using it for the last 10 years. If the information proves valid, authorities will seek out the person renting the house to determine his connection to the case.