'Our aim is the continuous decrease of the deficits" stressed prime minister George Papandreou on Friday in parliament during the "Hour of the prime minister", responding to current questions tabled by Popular Orthodox Rally (LAOS) president George Karatzaferis and Coalition of the Left parliamentary group leader Alexis Tsipras.
"Our fundamental goal is that we will not need increasingly more loans in order to survive," underlined Papandreou, adding: "This is my patriotic stance. No to creditors. We will change Greece'.
The premier said that the reduction of the deficit by 5 percent is a "record», adding that "hope indeed exists that in 2012 we will have a primary surplus". He also referred to deep changes, such as the privatisations, adding that these would be carried out "always with transparency and always at the best prices".
Papandreou further said that emphasis will be placed on competitiveness, quality and exports, but also on education and health services.
"The greatest social injustice and counter-incentive to development is tax evasion" he reiterated, adding that "our aim is a wider political system that is trusted by the people. The debt will become manageable and we will proceed with changes in order for our economy to become viable," the premier stressed.
On the country's future, he said "We will change Greece. Not only will we have a different Greece but we will also have solved the huge issue of the debt for the next generations, for a Greece never again come under supervision.