"And to this programme our plan comes to be added on, in which great changes are included. An integrated plan for our future. This plan is not the product of a bureaucratic process. It took place following systematic consultation and understanding processes with other parties, with the Parliamentary Group of (ruling) PASOK, with social partners. And it includes great changes everywhere," he added.
Papandreou further said the changes include changes in the political system, education, the functioning of public administration "so that we can build a workable state. In the welfare system, supporting the most vulnerable, the weaker, the unemployed. In growth, for the reform of our production model. The liberation of the healthy forces of our homeland."
The prime minister also said "for this reason I call once again on all, and until the vote, as well as after, during the implementation of this programme, to submit every useful proposal of theirs. Every fair proposal that will distribute even better the burdens of this crisis or whatever fruits of growth."
Papandreou went on to say that "we have before us a new, difficult, tough negotiation in the European Union. At the upcoming summit, at the end of June, I shall do my duty as always. For the best possible result."
He stressed that "I am fully aware of the difficulties, the anxiety that the Greek family is experiencing daily. The concern and insecurity. I also know that it is up to us to exit from the crisis."
Papandreou added that "we must make it the greatest opportunity for serious changes in our country. And we shall not abandon the struggle in the middle of the course. We shall exit from the crisis and we shall exit quicker and we shall enter growth more effectively as long as we work together, all the Greeks. Because I am well aware that we can succeed together. Fot the benefit of Greece. To guarantee the future of our children."

ND leader Samaras on PM's address

Main opposition New Democracy (ND) party leader Antonis Samaras rejects the government's mid-term fiscal strategy programme and says that "the only rallying which is meaningful is for the correction of the mistake and the renegotiating of the memorandum."
In a statement issued immediately after Prime Minister George Papandreou's nationally televised address on Friday, Samaras said that "13 months after the ratification of the memorandum, the prime minister made an address today, to say the... same things he had said at the time."
He added that the country "is in the same deadlock and that the credibility of the government's economic policy has already been judged by its results."
He accused Papandreou of "not understanding the logic and the measures that we (ND) proposed for the restarting of the economy and is placing new taxes on the already big taxes, he is placing them on the same shoulders and he thinks that in this way he is making the big changes that the country needs."
Putting an end to any discussion on concensus before the ratification of the mid-term programme, Samaras said that "such a policy, which deepens the crisis, New Demcracy cannot countersign."
Lastly, the ND leader appeals to society stressing that "I am aware that Greek society is living with anxieties and uncertainty, I am aware that the Greeks want me to remain standing and to make the correct choices."

KKE on PM's address

The central committee of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE), in an announcement on Friday on Prime Minister George Papandreou's televised address, said that "a proclamation was not necessary for George Papandreou to call on (main opposition New Democracy) ND party, (Popular Orthodox Rally leader George) Karatzaferis, (Democratic Alliance party leader Dora) Bakoyiannis and the other wiling, to support him more openly in the war he is escalating against the people."
The announcement added that "his aim is to extort and deceive the people that their bankruptcy is taking place for their benefit and the benefit of the country", while KKE also called on the people to organise and reverse "their barbaric policy and the power of monopolies."

Coalition on PM's address

The left Coalition (SYN) party, commenting on Prime Minister George Papandreou's address on Friday, stressed that "the only consensus that is being given generously to the prime minister is that of the troika and of the bankers."
The Coalition reiterates that the prime minister "listens on a daily basis to the opinion of the Greek people in squares, streets and workplaces but pretends not to understand" and concludes that "as regards his appeal to patriotism, the prime minister is insulting its content when it takes place in the name of the policy of the memorandum."