Parliament President Philippos Petsalnikos is suffering from pneumonia and low blood oxygen levels, according to a medical bulletin released by the chief of the Kastoria Hospital Medical Service on Monday.
Petsalnikos was rushed to the hospital on Sunday afternoon and later flown to a larger Athens hospital on Monday morning but there had been no announcement concerning his state of health.

The hospital's press release said that Petsalnikos was admitted to the hospital with a high fever at 3:50 p.m. but his clinical condition did not improve and it was judged necessary to transfer him to a hospital in Athens.

The transfer was carried out by the ambulance service EKAB and the Parliament president was taken to Athens in a military transport plane and then admitted to Sotiria Hospital in the capital.

Health minister visits hospitalised Parliament President

Health and Social Solidarity Minister Andreas Loverdos visited Parliament President Filippos Petsalnikos, who is being treated at the "Sotiria" hospital in Athens.

"The Parliament President was taken to the Sotiria hospital at noon today with symptoms of pneumonia. As the attending doctors informed me, the scan is clear and the Parliament President is responding positively to medication. I wish him all the best and a speedy recovery, so that he can return to his duties soon," Loverdos said afterwards.