The head of the Popular Orthodox Rally (LAOS) party George Karatzaferis on Saturday repeated his appeal for consensus between the political parties on the economic measures to end the crisis.
"Shared responsibility is needed. All else is unnecessary and unproductive," he stressed in a statement concerning the Medium-Term Fiscal Strategy unveiled by the government.

"It is time that [Prime Minister George Papandreou] and [main opposition New Democracy leader Antonis Samaras] face raw reality. Everyone is trying to elicit an 'a la carte' consensus. Samaras went to Europe on his own and fell flat on his face," Karatzaferis added.

He appealed to the leaders of the two main parties "not to put their parties and their 'chairs' above the interests of Greece", noting that the country was heading straight off a cliff.

According to Karatzaferis, the Medium-Term programme could not be carried out when implemented by a "non-existent and disjointed government".

"If we want a result, if we want to help the Greek people, if we want to give hope and a vision we must decide all together to go to a new programme for a new start that will bring Greece out of its lethargy and give everyone the right to have a dream as an action".