Main opposition New Democracy (ND) has overtaken the ruling PASOK party in voter preference, according to a 'Public Issue' opinion poll published by the newspaper "Kathimerini" on Saturday.
Based on its findings, ND is now in the lead with 31 percent, PASOK follows with 27 percent, the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) has 11 percent, the Popular Orthodox Rally (LAOS) 8 percent, the Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) 6.5 percent, the Ecologists-Greens with 3.5 percent, the Democratic Left with 3 percent and the Democratic Alliance with 2.5 percent.
The 'winner' is actually abstention, with 38 percent of those asked saying they would not turn out for the next elections.
Only one if four people believe the government will reach the end of its four-year term while the popularity of Prime Minister George Papandreou is in decline. Asked who was most suitable for premier, both Papandreou and main opposition New Democracy leader Antonis Samaras received 23 percent of the vote and 55 percent of those asked voted for neither.
Nearly three quarters (74 percent) believe that neither PASOK nor ND are capable of governing the country properly and 59 percent believe that snap elections are unnecessary at the present time.
An overwhelming majority of 82 percent said they were not satisfied with their lives and an even larger majority of 87 percent believes the country is moving in the wrong direction.