Greek employers remained pessimistic in their forecasts for the third quarter of 2011, a quarterly report by the firm Manpower showed on Tuesday.
The index of total employment prospects remained negative (-5 pct), recording a slight improvement compared with the previous quarter, although it remained unchanged compared with the same period in 2010. Despite pessimistic forecasts, employers’ intention on new hirings improved in the seven out of a total of nine market sectors.
Manpower, in a report, said its findings were based on interviews with a sample of 751 Greek employers in the public and the private sectors.
The report showed that 12 pct of employers expected an increase in the number of their workforce, a 17 pct a decline, while a 69 pct said they did not expect any changes in their workforce. Venetia Kousia, chairman and chief executive of Manpower Group in Greece, commenting on the report said: “The index of total employment prospects for the third quarter of 2911 was recorded at -5 pct in Greece, although a steady improvement in new hiring prospects is evident from the first quarter of 2011. It is very important that despite a very difficult period for the Greek market, around seven in 10 employers intend to maintain their workforce in the coming quarter”.
The financial services and tourism sectors recorded the biggest percentage increase in new hiring prospects (+3 pct), while employers in the public and social sectors were more pessimistic (-13 pct). Northern Greece recorded an improvement in new hiring prospects although they remained in negative territory, while in the Attica region (greater Athens), new hiring prospects for the next quarter were -5 pct, slightly improved compared with the previous quarter.