Democratic Left leader Fotis Kouvelis expressed strong concern over the situation in Greece, warning during a press conference that "the country is face-to-face with an immediate risk of total collapse".
Kouvelis lambasted the so-called two-party system, and chiefly against the PASOK government, adding that the two mainstream parties -- PASOK and main opposition New Democracy (ND) -- have immense blame for the current crisis, which is "one of the worst in Greece's history".
Just one year after the signing of the 110 billion euros EU-IMF bailout loan and deluge of measures for the implementation of the Memorandum, Greece was facing explosive recession and inflation, technological regression, while inflation was taking on nightmare dimensions, prices were skyrocketing, the systems of collusion, bureaucracy and corruption remained supreme, structures and institutions were collapsing, labor rights were being swept away, businesses were closing down one after the other, and the Greek people were in despair, Kouvelis said.
If this political system is not transcended, Greece has no future, he warned.
To a question on the prospect of early general elections, Kouvelis said that despite the government's aphorisms and the fact that they are not wanted by society, elections will emerge as the necessary solution for a way out because the indignation and disgruntlement are multiplying and the elections will become the only way out.
On the Indignants' movement in Greece, Kouvelis said that it expresses rejection of the political system, despite the fact that the protestors have different political and ideological leanings, and stressed the importance of the fact that hundreds of thousands of people were protesting and demanding a change of policy.
Kouvelis further outlined his party's positions on dealing with the crisis, proposing measures to curb state spending and increase revenues, the creation of a modern, smaller and more efficient state and the reinforcement of the political institutions through enhancement of transparency, democratisation and full transparency in the political parties.