Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) parliamentary group leader Alexis Tsipras on Tuesday underlined that holding elections and adopting a programme that will free the country from the EC-ECB-IMF Memorandum would be a response to the people’s cry for democracy.
Tsipras stated that “the Medium-Term Fiscal Strategy / slaughterhouse is voted down daily by the thousands of protesters that gather in city squares across the country,” adding that the government has the support of a minority and that its time is up.
Earlier, Tsipras had a meeting with the Union of Municipalities (KEDKE) board members focusing on the situation in local government.
KEDKE president Nikitas Kaklamanis warned that if things do not change soon there will be no “Kallikratis” local government reform, expressing his outright opposition to the way it is implemented in terms of administration, management and finances.
In response, Tsipras stressed that his party had warned early on that “Kallikratis” would have a destabilizing effect on municipality and local government finances.