“There is no issue of MP resignations for the government. They have their concerns and objections; this understandable. However, PASOK MPs will do their patriotic duty as they have done already,” government spokesman George Petalotis on Tuesday said, responding to media questions on the stance that PASOK deputies will adopt in the vote for the medium-term fiscal strategy.
Petalotis added that cool-headedness, calm and caution is necessary, stressing that it would be ungraceful to refer to MP behaviours and reactions. “It is a historical duty for everybody to rise to the occasion,” he said, adding that the dilemmas raised are not blackmailing but a matter of responsibility and substance in order to ensure that the country will be salvaged and avoid bankruptcy.  
Referring to the stance adopted by PASOK MP Alexandros Athanassiadis, who stated that he is considering not to vote for the medium-term programme, Petalotis said that everybody understands that this is a tough situation and the parliament deputies have proved this.
On the solicitor's letters served to certain PASOK MPs demanding that they will not vote for the medium-term programme, Petalotis underlined that such moves are not necessary and that “the MPs’ sense of responsibility is not affected by such actions”.
Petalotis repeated that the medium-term programme is a general framework that should be voted by everybody and that MPs can express their opposition in the next phase through their vote on the legislation implementing it.