Finance Minister George Papaconstantinou on Wednesday unveiled changes to a package of tax proposals included in the Mid-term Fiscal Strategy Programme, schedule to be tabled to Parliament on Wednesday. Government sources said Papaconstantinou, presenting the programme to the ruling PASOK party's Parliamentary committee, said the government would leave a tax-exempt level of 12,000 euros annually, unchanged, while it will not impose any taxes on primary residences of up to 100 sq.m.
He also said that the government will not proceed with a plan to equalise a special consumption tax on diesel and heating oil, while an extra tax charge on incomes will be imposed on three categories: 1% for annual incomes up to 20,000 euros, 2% for incomes up to 50,000, 3% for incomes up to 100,000 euros and 4% for incomes surpassing 100,000 euros.

The same sources said that the finance ministry was under severe criticism from PASOK deputies for his proposals.