Members of the Church of Greece's Holy Synod, in a message addressed to the Greek people on Wednesday, underlined its members are watching “with great concern the developments on national, social and economic level that have worn out the people”.
The hierarchs of the Autocephalous Orthodox Church of Greece stressed that “at this moment of responsibility, the Holy Synod feels obligated to address the Greek people with fatherly love”.

They underlined that the “love to the country is amongst the highest values in life” and stressed that “the Holy Synod condemns all those who acted against the country’s interests, the prosperity of its people and national dignity”.

 “Our people have acted with admirable maturity in the past and have displayed social solidarity in difficult times in our history. Today, more than ever before, we need the solidarity to support the vulnerable, relieve the jobless and all those affected by the crisis, mainly the young,” the hierarchs stressed.