Thirty people - 29 men and one woman - were injured during clashes that occurred in central Athens on Wednesday, during a massive demonstration held to protest against a new round of fiscal austerity measures and higher taxes planned by the government.
The injured were taken to Erythros Stavros hospital and eight were immediately released after receiving first aid. According to a health ministry press release, those that remained in hospital were suffering from respiratory problems or injuries from slight blows and were not at risk.

Fifteen people to be brought before prosecutor on Thursday

Fifteen people will ultimately be brought before a prosecutor on Thursday, following Wednesday's incidents during a rally in Syntagma Square, according to the latest announcement by police.
According to the same announcement, the windows of two shops, the signs of two banks, the blinds of a hotel and four bus stops were broken during the incidents, while damage was caused to pavements that were broken by troublemakers to throw pieces at the police.