A statement issued on Wednesday by the opposition Communist Party of Greece (KKE) referred to the violence in downtown Athens, condemning what it called the “the provocation by hood-wearing individuals and anti-riot police, exercised to terrorize the people and overshadow the success of the nationwide strike."
The KKE statement underlined that “the responsibility belongs to the government and the state mechanisms”, adding that “the people should not be intimidated and give their response to the terrorizing dilemmas or any intimidation effort”.

“The people must have faith in their power,” the KKE statement underlined.   


On its part, the Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA) condemned "the unsuccessful provocation at Athens' Syntagma Square, attempted by circles of the terrified system of power".
SYRIZA also condemned what it claims was the "presence of dozens of undercover police that wore hoods over their heads and in collaboration with police forces attempted to break up the tens of thousands of demonstrators who protested peacefully at Syntagma Square".
SYRIZA underlined that the peaceful mass demonstration cannot be hurt by provocation and blamed the government stressing that it "chose violence over democracy".