Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA parliamentary alliance) parliamentary group leader Alexis Tsipras on Wednesday called for immediate general elections as the only way out for the country, during a telephone discussion with prime minister George Papandreou, according to party sources.
Papandreou called Tsipras after an extraordinary meeting with President of the Republic Karolos Papoulias earlier in the day, in the context of a round of phone calls to all political party leaders.

Sources said Papandreou reiterated his government's and his own personal determination that the Medium-Term Fiscal Strategy Framework program will be passed by parliament, to which Tsipras replied that SYRIZA remained firm in its stance that the Memorandum and the Medium-Term program are catastrophic for the country, and that the only way out, and to the benefit of stability in Greece, is immediate recourse to general elections.

The same sources said that neither a new meeting of the Council of Political Party Leaders nor a one-on-one meeting with Papandreou were put forward during the phone discussion.

Tsipras will make statements immediately after the prime minister's address to the nation later Wednesday.


Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA) Parliamentary Group president Alexis Tsipras called on Prime Minister George Papandereou to proclaim elections immediately, stressing that "in democracy when deadlocks appear the people and only the people can solve them."

According to the SYRIZA leader, "the hundreds of thousands of strikers and demonstrators in the streets and squares call for clear democracy and the immediate withdrawal of the anti-popular measures, they are not calling for the two-party rule, to turn from a bankrupt political system of alternating in power, into a unified government that will implement the memorandum."

Tsipras concluded that the "only prospect of salvation is the radical change in correlations, the defeat of two-party rule and of the parties of the memorandum and the creation of a new power coalition with the focus being the forces of the left that will disengage the country from the memorandum of bankruptcy."