The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) on Wednesday said that the party's general secretary Aleka Papariga has asked for early elections, during a conversation with Prime Minister George Papandreou on the telephone. The call was made by Papandreou.
A KKE announcement said the prime minister had once again raised the issue of consensus between the parties on the terms set by the European Union in order to give additional loans to Greece. Papariga replied that the KKE refused to discuss any kind of consensus with "terms of impoverishment for the people" and once again expressed her party's complete opposition to the strategies of ruling PASOK, main opposition New Democracy and the EU.
When Papandreou opened a discussion on holding a referendum, Papariga replied that the issue was not to set disorientating, extortionist and terrorist dilemmas but for the people to speak through elections.
Sources within the party also clarified that Papandreou had not proposed another council of the political party leaders or further meetings at his offices during the conversation, nor made any such invitation.

KKE leader, officials join PAME rally in downtown Athens

Communist Party of Greece (KKE) leader Aleka Papariga, heading the entire KKE parliamentary group and a large delegation of the party's central committee, are taking part in the KKE-affiliated PAME labor organisation demonstration at noon Wednesday in the center of Athens.

It is noted that the KKE parliamentary group is abstaining from all procedures in parliament that have to do with the Medium-Term Fiscal Strategy Framework program.