The Attica Security Police Crimes Against Life department on Thursday announced that they had cracked two cases of double homicide that they considered related, arresting a suspect they consider responsible for the second of these. They believe the killings were the result of a feud that broke out between rival Albanian gangs.
The suspect is a 31-year-old Albanian who was arrested for the shooting of two Albanian men aged 31 and 26 years old in a taverna in the Athens district of Kallithea on Tuesday. The two victims of the shooting, in their turn, are thought to be behind a drive-by shooting that occurred in Kallithea in the early hours of February 7, which resulted in the deaths of a 30-year-old special police guard and a 25-year-old Albanian.
In addition to shooting the two men in the taverna, there is an outstanding international warrant for the arrest of the suspect for a double homicide committed in Albania in 2001.
Police believe that their suspect was a passenger in the Mercedes driven by the special guard on the night he was shot, riddled with bullets from a kalashnikov rifle that also killed the 25-year-old in the back seat. Based on the information gathered by police, the shooter on that night was the 31-year-old victim of Tuesday's homicide.
The Albanian now in custody had been looking for the shooter in order to avenge the killing of his friends since that night and finally arranged to meet with him in a taverna, supposedly to talk. Instead, the 31-year-old arrived at the taverna, pulled out a gun and shot both men several times resulting in their deaths.
According to police, the feud between the two sides began when the special guard and the suspect's gang savagely beat up the Albanians of a rival gang over differences concerning transactions between them.
The suspect will now be led before a public prosecutor to be charged.