Copies of documents that include all the details of the interrogation of Rigas Feraios (1757-1798) and his seven comrades in Vienna are now in the possession of the municipality of Kozani, in northwest Greece, delivered by history scholar Theophanis Pampas.
Pampas, originally from Kozani and a permanent resident of Vienna, came across the rare documents while conducting a research on the ethnic Greeks who were active in the greater Vienna region in the late 18th and early 19th century. The documents were first discovered in 1878, found abandoned at a Hofburg Palace corridor.
Rigas Feraios, a revolutionary and prominent figure of the Greek enlightenment, was a forerunner of the Greek War of Independence. His associates included numerous ethnic Greek traders and students, as well as, Pouliou brothers, printers from Siatista, a small town near Kozani, who printed the “Thourios” (the Hymn to Freedom written by Feraios) and Rigas Feraios' Charter (an emancipation text for the Balkans). 
One of the rare copies of Rigas Feraios Charter is kept at the Municipal library of Kozani, the second largest in Greece, with roughly 150,000 volumes of books, rare publications and valuable documents.