Greece’s Workforce Employment Organization (OAED) on Thursday said the number of registered unemployed fell 3.0 pct, the number of unemployed people receiving unemployment benefits fell by 21 pct while new hirings jumped 71 pct in May.
The Organization, in a monthly report, said employment rose by 52,946 in May, from 17.543 in April and 49,608 in May 2010. The number of registered unemployed totaled 685,000 in May, of which 299,984 were men (43.79 pct of total), 385,016 women (56.21 pct), while registered unemployed in the 30-54 age group accounted 62.4 pct of total, with the below 30 age group accounting for 28.06 pct and the above 55 age group 9.54 pct.
Greek citizens accounted for 92.24 pct of total unemployed people in May, followed by third country citizens (6.38 pct) and EU citizens (1.38 pct).
The number of unemployed people receiving unemployment benefit totaled 222,976, down 21 pct in May from April.
New hirings totaled 122,258, up 71 pct from the previous month, while dismissals totaled 47,820 in May, up 35.43 pct from April.