Potential for even greater bilateral business and economic cooperation between Greece and China and the utilisation of existing opportunities dominated the agenda during the inaugural Hellenic-Chinese Business Partnering Conference, which was hosted by the Foundation for Economic and Industrial Research (IOBE) and the Business Confucius Institute (BCI).
Chinese ambassador to Greece Luo Linquan opened the conference, underlining that “China believes in Greece’s future ... the Greek government has undertaken significant initiatives aimed at reinforcing the competitiveness of the Greek economy and creating the appropriate conditions for investments”.
He added that “the friendship and strong ties between the two countries form the basis for the further development of the Greek-Chinese business relations”, while he described the Cosco and Folli-Follie ventures as successful examples.
Speaking at the conference, Regional Development & Competitiveness Minister Mihalis Chryssohoidis stressed that “the crisis we are experiencing marks the end of an era for the present economic system” and underlined that despite the tough economic circumstances “we should work systematically laying the foundations that will help the economy find its pace again”.
“The economic recession took away from the market a total of 25 billion euros of fake prosperity. That money can be regained through the materialization of a national plan that will mobilize six sources of developmental momentum and healthy entrepreneurship namely, exports, privatizations, foreign investments, well-targeted utilization of community funds, increased production for domestic consumption and measures against “black economy”.
On his part, IOBE general director Yiannis Stournaras referred to the challenges faced by the Greek economy and to opportunities for economic growth. He referred to the early signs indicating that the downward course of the economy is now in the process of being reversed and also to the great prospects for growth in sectors such as shipping, tourism, farm production, fisheries and energy.
He underlined the need for fiscal adjustment, immediate implementation of the privatization policy and public property utilization. He also referred to the absence of consensus and the risk behind the growing populist rhetoric targeting the EC-ECB-IMF Memorandum.
Distinguished academicians from both countries and business community leaders addressed the conference that concluded on Wednesday held under the auspices of the regional development and competitiveness ministry, the environment, energy and climate change ministry, the minister of state and the Hellenic Chinese Chamber in cooperation with the Athens University of Economics and Business, the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) of Beijing and Hanban Institute.