The country will soon be led to early elections even if the government succeeds in getting a vote of confidence, Communist Party of Greece (KKE) General Secretary Aleka Papariga predicted on Thursday during a press conference.
Commenting on the failed attempts to create an all-party cooperation government and the prime minister's subsequent announcement of a reshuffle, Papariga said the "operetta of national consensus followed the operetta of a reshuffle" and called on workers to keep their eyes open and minds alert. The call for an immediate resort to the polls was now more than overmature, she added.
Papariga said that the majority of the political forces in Greece were in favour of consensus, including main opposition New Democracy, the Democratic Alliance, the Popular Orthodox Rally (LAOS) and the still-wavering Democratic Left. She stressed that even the left-wing SYRIZA alliance was seeking a solution within the system, calling for a separation of legitimate debt from that which was illegal and then a negotiation within the European Union.
She also disagreed with the view that the factor triggering developments had been the 'Indignados' movements in the squares, saying that the impact of other actions such as strikes and sit-ins in the workplace should not be underestimated since they contributed to raising people's awareness and contributed to the 'Indignados' movement.
Papariga called for elections that would lead to a weak government, a weakening of the two-party system and a strong KKE, adding that the people could then "disrupt the plans" of the "governments for the salvation of big capital". She said that Prime Minister George Papandreou and main opposition New Democracy leader Antonis Samaras had taken a step toward a cooperation government on Wednesday, saying that a government with people from both parties remained a possibility.